Global streaming leader Deezer has released a new version based on the global hit "It's Raining Men," revamped for inclusivity and support for trans and non-binary individuals.

Led by trans artist and LGBTQ+ activist Mila Jam (she/her), the new generation gets to hear "It's Raining Them," with the all-inclusive anthem was released with a powerful Official Music Video featuring Mila Jam herself. The new version, built from the 80s smash hit by The Weather Girls and popularized once more by Geri Halliwell in 2001, features gender-neutral lyrics.

Mila Jam (center) on the
(Photo : Deezer/ Mila Jam Music YouTube Channel)
Mila Jam (center) on the "It's Raining Them" Music Video

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Additionally, as the song is now available for streaming on Deezer, people everywhere can help Gendered Intelligence - a nonprofit that raises awareness on gender diversity. Just by streaming the powerful track, fans can also help promote knowledge and awareness on inclusivity.

Some of the changes made to the original lyrics include "It's Raining Them / Cool, bold, strong and keen / Proud and loud and here and seen" in place of the original "It's Raining Men / Tall, blonde, dark and lean / Rough and tough and strong and mean." Not only did Deezer and Mila Jam replace "men" with "them," it actually reinvents the dance anthem to reflect everyone.

In a press release, Deezer recognizes the big responsibility of taking on the songs after The Weather Girls and Geri Halliwell, they were confident with Mila Jam for the high-octane performance - and she crushed it, no doubt. The music artist and broadway performer is a staunch advocate for trans rights, earning the respect and admiration from the likes of Laverne Cox, Angelica Ross, and Drag icon Peppermint. Mila also went viral last year for her powerful statement, writing "STOP KILLING US" across her body during a Black Lives Matter protest - her response to increasing rates of Black trans femicide in the US.

"It's an honour to perform 'It's Raining Them'. For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community I believe the future is ours, it's now, and we must shine," Mila Jam said in a statement. Noting how members of the community "haven't always been in this position," Mila Jam stresses the need to "tell our stories and make some good out of it."

She also expressed hope that the track would help her own siblings feel the inclusion. "We've always been here, we aren't going anywhere, and we must continue to dance."

On the other hand, Deezer VP of Artist Relations Nigel Harding (he/him) recognizes the marginalization trans and non-binary individuals have put up with throughout history, even within the LGBTQ+ movement. At Deezer, they expressed the desire to give the community "a voice and a platform to be heard."

Harding adds: "We're proud to support amazing artists and activists like Mila Jam. We will continue to celebrate Queer and LGBTQ+ music with our dedicated Queer Culture Channel and remain as an ally and a friend for the whole community."

The release of "It's Raining Them" is the latest effort in Deezer's ongoing commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Earlier this year, the music streaming platform has unveiled its "Queer Culture Channel," a dedicated space for recognizing and honoring queer artists and creators with specially curated playlists, podcast recommendations, and recorded live performances. Now, fans can expect "It's Raining Them" to be a flagship track on the channel.

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