Did Chrissy Teigen give up her last glory to win back her friends?

Teigen became part of the infamous cancel club this year after her bullying scandal emerged and went viral. As a result, she suffered business losses and even got deprived of the perks she once enjoyed.

As she tries to get back up after her downfall, one news outlet revealed the alleged shameful move to save her reputation among A-listers in Hollywood.

Star published its latest issue this week and featured an article about Teigen's alleged plans on buying her friends. John Legend's wife reportedly tries to bribe her A-listers friends in order to save her career.

The news outlet's insider revealed that Teigen already sent goods to Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler, and Reese Witherspoon, among others.

"She's adding sweet handwritten notes and laying on the compliments," the insider went on. The magazine claimed that, if none of this works, she would be willing to offer Legend to them as a bribe by making him perform during their birthdays.

Is Chrissy Teigen Really Desperate To Win A-Listers?

The report itself surely caught the eyes of many people. However, everyone should take it with a grain of salt, especially since no other news outlets ever confirmed the same setup.

After the bullying scandal emerged, Teigen lied low, but her friends made sure she knows she is not alone. Thus, there is nothing that could prove that the model is bribing her celebrity friends.

In addition, the matriarch cannot send away her husband as the singer is fully booked as of the writing. Currently, Legend has a full "Bigger Love Tour" schedule from September to October.

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Last month, Teigen even attended Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash - the party that snubbed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Her appearance only proved that she has a special place in the Obama family's lives.

The absurd claim months after the model graduated from her dramatic social media posts following the bullying claims. For what it's worth, Teigen shared multiple, repeated apology messages on her blog after Courtney Stodden claimed she bullied them.

Teigen also became subject to criticism for sending downgrading tweets to Lindsay Lohan and Farrah Abraham.

The issue subsided since then, and Teigen is already on the mend to score her blooming career again.

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