Drake failed to get a hundred percent approval on his "Certified Lover Boy" album after the rapper included R. Kelly's name as one of his contributors.

This week, Drake hyped fans with the release of his new album. But fans immediately noticed the inclusion of R. Kelly's name on his "TSU" track.

R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Kelly, is currently undergoing a weeks-long trial in Brooklyn federal court over racketeering and sex-crime charges. With that fact alone, some people found it unbelievable that Drake still pursued including the singer's name.

The disgraced singer made it to the album as the rapper used some of the orchestral samples from his "Half on a Baby" song. Since he is the only lyricist and producer of the song, he legally deserves to be part of the writing credit and royalties.

This caused massive queries to Drake, with fans questioning him for using the old sample instrumentals despite the ongoing legal battle.

Most fans, who initially listened to "Certified Lover Boy," spurned the album and pledged not to listen to it any longer.

One warned, "Drake sampled R Kelly on his new album?? Oh yeah, no. Wasn't gonna listen to it anyway but now I'm DEFINITELY not. That's deplorable behavior."

"Drake supported R Kelly on the album so I no longer support his cry baby, simp, duck lips, mama boy ass," another wrote.

Can Drake & Other Artists Use R. Kelly's Samples?

Regardless of what R. Kelly is dealing with right now, the singer can sell his old instrumentals. The business is also typical, especially for hip-hop producers.

Anyone who will use the samples, on the other hand, has to give a share of the new song's revenue and a one-off licensing fee.

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According to Billboard, R. Kelly's hits are covered by a publishing deal and Zomba signed. But since he is the lead and sole lyricist of most of his songs, he is qualified to get royalties.

In addition, he has been selling his publishing catalog in the past years. However, the potential buyers became wary of doing so due to his ongoing abuse cases.

As of the writing, R. Kelly is still in the middle of the trial in Brooklyn court. Several witnesses and accusers already served their statements on the table to prove the singer's crimes.

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