Mac Miller still secures a huge place inside his fans' hearts as everyone remembered his life during the third anniversary of his death.

Three years ago, the responders from the Los Angeles County Department found Miller's body inside his home after a suspected drug overdose. Today, fans chose to celebrate his life rather than having what-ifs and what could have been.

On Twitter, internet users shared the most memorable photos of the late rapper as they paid tribute to him and his life. His short-lived life indeed brought a positive impact to everyone that they all recognize him as a great individual.

One fan shared a video of Miller's "Object in The Mirror" alongside the caption: "I just want to say RIP Mac Miller and thank you for all the memories your music has gave me. Here's a video of him performing one of my favorite songs by him Object in The Mirror."

"Three years already but your music makes it feel like you never left. You already know we only bumping Mac all day when i wake up. I'll see you live in concert in another life, you were really the best to ever do it. Rip Mac Miller forever," another wrote.

Most people still could not process the fact that Miller is already gone. That only proved how impactful his music was - and still - even after all these years.

Mac Miller's cause of death was ruled a drug overdose, but the people behind the incident had since been arrested months ago.

Mac Miller's Death Still Lingers

In November 2018, the hip-hop industry was hit by devastating news about Miller's death. The coroner concluded that the overdose involved the use of cocaine, alcohol, and fentanyl.

In the past years, the painkiller played a major part in the country's opioid crisis that it also claimed the lives of other hip-hop artists like Slipknot's Paul Gray, Prince, Tom Petty, and Lil Peep.

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Most recently, Lexii Alijai and Justin Townes Earle died of the same drugs last year.

Almost a year after his death, the authorities charged Cameron James Pettit for selling drugs to the late rapper. One month later, the second man named Ryan Reavis was also put under custody on drug and weapons charges.

At the time of arrest, the police still could not pinpoint what exactly his involvement was to the rapper.

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