One source believed that Camilla Parker Bowles got evicted by Prince William while considering moving out to Windsor to live near the Queen.

According to New Idea via Suggest, Bowles seemed to be eyeing her place in Queen Elizabeth's permanent home in Windsor Castle. The outlet had a source that also mentioned that she "made no secret of the fact that the spectacular castle is her favorite royal residence."

The stepmother also reportedly wanted Prince Charles to focus more on doing more royal duties to help the Queen have her deserved break, which would be easier to do from Windsor.

The Bowles Plans

And as the outlet further implied, her plans made her frustrated because of Prince William. The report was being emphasized as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were "seriously considering" to move near the Queen's Castle.

More of that, the insider said to the outlet that "Camilla is furious. She is married to the next king, and her plea for Windsor has been tossed out by the Queen with very little thought."

Their source close to the palace added Prince Charles once promised to name Bowles as the Queen instead of the princess consort, while the public opinion is not on his side. Now, he's getting looked past in favor of the younger William and Kate. They concluded, "It's difficult for him."

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Crazy Living Confusion

The magazine headlined the story for saying Bowles was "kicked out of Windsor Palace," but most knew that the Duchess of Cornwall does not live there in the first place.

And to further correct the report, Bowles lives at Clarence House with Prince Charles, which is a misleading title for the story to add more gas into the flame.

Reviewing the report, if Prince William did move near Windsor, Bowles would be upset as they claim it's her favorite castle. Furthermore, the public may not be happy with Charles if he decided to give the title of Queen to his wife and may provide the current Queen with a reason to be angry.

These whole points were filled with woulds and ifs as Suggest would claim it as one hypothetical after another.

Noting the reports from Daily Mail, the couple was said to be preparing for their big residence move, but it has not happened yet, and it has nothing to do with Bowles as well.

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