Scott Disick highlighted how bothered he was with Kourtney Kardashian's PDA with current beau Travis Barker, but nobody knew about it until another one of Kourt's ex leaked the evidence.

There have been reports about what the Poosh creator felt after the highly-publicized scandal of her ex and Scott's now ex-girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, but nothing has been reported yet about what Travis felt about the DM.

But now that's going to change, because according to Hollywood Life, Travis has the perfect reaction to the whole drama.

The insider told the outlet that the Blink 182 drummer brushed it off, adding he "didn't care about Scott taking jabs at his and Kourtney's PDA."

In fact, the insider went on to say that Travis doesn't have anything to worry about.

"He doesn't feel threatened" by the "Flip It Like Disick" star and is not afraid that his girlfriend will soon get back with the dad of her kids.

Someone with the knowledge of Kourtney and Travis' relationship said, "Travis knows that what he and Kourtney have is the real deal, so the whole Scott situation doesn't make him feel threatened one bit."

They went on to say, "In all honesty, he's not concerned at all with what Scott does with his life as long as he treats Kourtney and the kids with respect."

Additionally, the insider said that Travis Barker wouldn't have gotten involved with the "Keeping Up With the Kardashian" star if he knew that there was a chance she and Scott would get back together.

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Though it's nothing new for the musician that Scott Disick is pissed and doesn't like him for Kourtney, Travis "really doesn't pay attention to Scott's feelings because all he cares about is Kourtney's happiness."

"Travis doesn't have time for the drama so he's just focused on his relationship with Kourtney and will let them work out whatever issues exist."

It isn't clear why Scott even criticized Kourtney Kardashian's PDA with Travis Barker, but many fans speculate that it's because he may still be in love with the mom-of-three.

Additionally, fans also believe he doesn't like seeing her make out with another man with him still having feelings.

Following the public diss, Amelia Hamlin immediately broke things off with Scott, and now, he's a single man who may or may not steal Kourtney from Travis, per fans.

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