Did Kourtney Kardashian play a role in Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin's breakup?

The 38-year-old entrepreneur and his 20-year-old model reportedly broke up after almost a year of dating, and Hollywood Life may have discovered what caused them to split.

They reported that the controversial couple was reportedly already on the rocks before Amelia called it quits.

And it turns out Scott's DM to Younes Bendjima about his KUWTK star ex and her new beau Travis Barker was the "final straw" in his and Amelia's romance.

"Things between them were already on the fritz and this breakup was coming at some point regardless of Scott's DM."

Per the outlet's source, their relationship has already run its course, and before even the whole DM unfolded in the public eye, Amelia already thought of breaking up with him.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian reportedly didn't seem to mind that her ex's relationship is crumbling.

She posted a sultry picture wearing black lace following news of Scott's split from Amelia.

Additionally, she isn't surprise that their relationship ended as she has "never expected it to last."

Though Scott is always up on her business, Kourtney is not.

An insider told TMZ that the mom-of-three is focus on her own life and their three kids.

"Who Scott dates is not her problem," because she only wants him to be an active, focused and best dad for their kids.


Are They Getting Back Together?

According to Hollywood Life's source, the famous daughter of Lisa Rinna is "not holding to any hope at a reconciliation" because she wants to move on with her life without having to worry about having Scott in her life.

"Amelia literally just called off things with Scott so she's not in the mindset of getting back together."

Meanwhile, the same can't be said about Scott Disick, who believes they will soon get back together.

The dad-of-three thinks that he and his now-ex could reconnect at some point in their lives despite the fact that it was the model who ended things between them.

Another source confirmed to the outlet that Scott believes they still have "unfinished business," adding, "Currently, in Scott's eyes it is in a holding pattern to where he expects that there is still a chance to fix it and continue it as we get closer to the holiday season."

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Amelia Hamlin's Cryptic Instagram posts

A few days after the entire DM drama was exposed, it seemed like Amelia Hamlin was on Team Scott, posting an Instagram Story calling for "kindness."

But Scott later posted another hinting that they may have split, sharing an image of an empty and dark patio and captioning "Life's a real beach."

His post was later followed by Amelia's, a picture of a woman wearing a shirt that said, "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

A few minutes later, the model hinted she would spend some time away from her beau by posting a picture saying she's out with her girlfriends.

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