After numerous articles covered by media reporting Prince William and Kate Middleton's plans on changing residence, it has been confirmed that the Cambridges are moving out of Kensington Palace.

A source close to the royal family officially informed Vanity Fair that they are moving out of their apartment with Windsor Castle as one of many relocation options for them.

The insider also explained that there is one reason why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to move to Windsor Castle. "William and Kate have been talking to their close friends about leaving Kensington Palace where they feel very overlooked," they stated.

"It will remain their official London base, but they prefer being in the countryside and the commute to London would be very easy."

Lining Up For The Throne

According to the royal insider and the public's assumption, there were several reasons William and Middleton want to move. And just like what was previously reported, the source declared their liking of being close to the Queen and Middleton's parents in Berkshire.

The outlet was also able to discuss the "future of the monarchy" since Prince Philip's recent death. As plans "are being drawn up for the next reign," the couple felt that it would make sense for them to move to Windsor as it is a more convenient location closer to London.

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With the idea of moving to Windsor, the couple enjoys the outdoors greatly and is willing to change their residence to spend more time in the country.


The Daily Mail also reported that Prince William and Kate were also looking for their second choice closer to London as their commute to their Anmer office was too far during the weekends. Although, there are still a few different properties are being considered in Windsor.

In other recent news on Prince William and Kate Middleton, the couple has stated they are ready to take on more responsibility for their royal duties. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer senior members of the royal family, there is more attention on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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