Breakthrough information has come to light regarding Gabby Petito's disappearance as authorities found a body in the national park where the vlogger was said to be last contacted.

According to Fox News, authorities have found human remains in Grand Teton National Park. They said that the body was likely that of Petito because the body matched her description.

However, an investigation is still ongoing, and officials said the body has yet to be 100% positively identified.

Last Saturday, the said search hunt began in the national forest, where Petito last visited on August 27 before her disappearance.

Per images circulated online grabbed from local news helicopters, authorities have set up a white tent in a remote area. Investigators are also on-site and search teams with horses. (check out the photo below)

Family Travel Vloggers Caught Gabby Petito's Van On Camera Shortly After Her Disappearance?

Another important piece of information about Petito's disappearance is from vloggers who were at the same area where it is believed she went missing.

Jenn and Kyle Bethune posted a video on YouTube; the footage is said to be captured on August 27 at around 6 p.m. in the national park.

According to Jenn, who spoke to Insider, she was browsing through her footage because there are "a couple of weeks behind" for their content. (watch the video below)

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The camera was accidentally recording, catching the white van they believed to be owned by Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

Jenn added that the vans appear to be normal because it is located in a dispersed camping land, meaning anybody could camp in the area and "it is totally normal to see vans."

The woman was able to contact the FBI over the weekend, and she was told to submit the footage through their website, but there is still no update regarding her inquiry.

Gabby Petito Is Not The Only Missing Person In Grand Teton National Park

Aside from Petito, two other people are missing in the same area over the summer.

According to the New York Post, a Texas-based traveler Robert Lowery was last contacted on August 23. He was last seen on a video dated August 19 at a restaurant around the area and may have booked a Lyft the next day.

His sister, Leigh Lowery, said her brother recently bought a sleeping bag and a tent, but he had no camping experience.

Another missing person in Cian McLaughlin was last seen in the park on June 8, hiking without a backpack.

The national park has been investigating and involving tips from around 140 people and an estimated 45 helicopter searches, but there are still no signs of his whereabouts.

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