Are Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon feuding?

The pair first worked together on "Friends," where Aniston was a star of the show and Witherspoon would sometimes make guest appearances.

Both also allegedly thought that working with each other would be a dream; now, they're starring in one of the hottest streaming series today, Apple TV+ "The Morning Show."

However, according to WHO magazine, once they started working together, their relationship allegedly started to change.

One of the reasons why they're feuding is because of their similarities - they reportedly have so many things in common, which is causing a strain in their relationship.

A source told the outlet that the "Friends with Money" star and the "Legally Blonde" actress are used to calling the shots because they are also executive producers for their show, but there are also times that they don't get along.

They said, "It was chaos. Jen doesn't understand why Reese insisted on bringing Julianna on board."

Reese Witherspoon also commented on Jennifer Aniston not being a morning person during her interview this week.

The "We're The Millers" star was reportedly humiliated by Witherspoon's comment that she allegedly vowed not to talk to her.

Woman's Day said that Aniston didn't like how Witherspoon made her look in the interview and commenting that she wasn't a morning person only made it worst.

The outlet's source said, "Jen was annoyed about that, but not surprised. Things haven't been great between them since the start of the new season."

Back then, things were good between the two A-listers, but now, their friendship changed its tone that they don't hang out in their respective trailers when they don't film, just another alleged indication that they're not on good terms.

Their source added, "It changed the tone of their friendship. What was just a fun rivalry turned into something more serious?"

"It was a nightmare and put the entire second season under threat. Everyone was affected by that, but especially what was left of their friendship."


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Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Fighting?

It doesn't seem like Reese Witherspoon's comment was so bad. And Jennifer Aniston hasn't said anything bad about her co-star as well.

However, in some interviews, they do gush about the other, proving that their relationship has no tension or strain.

Unless they publicly say something bad about one another, it's best to take these outlets' reports with a grain of salt.

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