Less than a day that she was confirmed dead, a memoir of Gabby Petito has already became available - along with other merchandise. This is a totally insensitive move on the part of the sellers.

Vendors on Amazon Marketplace and Etsy are already lucratively selling Gabby Petito items in an attempt to profit off on the 22-year-old vlogger's well publicized case.

As the search for missing "person of interest" Brian Laundrie continues, independent vendors on the aforementioned websites have started selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats, decorative pillows, and even an e-book on her murder, which was confirmed as homicide on Tuesday. Petito was reported missing on Sept. 11, ten days after Laundrie came home to Florida alone after a cross-country road trip with her ex-husband. On September 14, he vanished.

What is even sadder than her death is that a search for "Gabby Petito" on Amazon turns up four goods for sale by a seller named SHANZEI. SHANZEI is selling a men's and women's T-shirt for $12.98 apiece in three various colors and sizes.

The words "Praying for Gabby Petito" are printed on both cotton shirts, which also feature photographs from her Instagram profile. For $29.98 apiece, the dealer is also offering two sweatshirts with identical designs, one of which contains the slogan #FindGabby. SHANZEI is a third-party garment vendor with ties to China, since the products ship from Yuanqu County Jinfeng Trading Company, according to its seller profile.

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Moreover, a book entitled, " Gabby Petito: Everything You Need To Know About The Missing Travel Influencer" has been by quickly writtten by Victor Micah. As of the moment, it is no longer available for purchase on the internet, although it was classified under "memoir quick reads" and sold for $2.99, according to The Sun.

"Who Gabby Petito really is; [about] Gabby's disappearance; Where and how her dead body was found; and proof that Brain Laundrie [sic] - Gabby's boyfriend - killed her," according to the book's description. On Amazon, a search for "Victor Micah" reveals that he has written numerous more short "biographies" concerning famous deaths and current events.

Fans or non-fans of the YouTuber (who became interested in her after she was declared missing) expressed dismay and fury about the existence of these items.

"People are actually selling Gabby Petito merch online. What is wrong with people? I want to call their parents and tattle on them," wrote Danielle Starry.

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