Wendy Williams keeps getting devastating news about the important people in her life following her psychiatric hospitalization.

On Tuesday, the Daily Mailpublished pictures of the media personality being pushed in a wheelchair while vaping in front of her New York City apartment a few days after a 911 call requested an ambulanceto send her to the hospital.

Before her mental breakdown, the 57-year-old has already been struggling.

Now, her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has reportedly given his mother an ultimatum, telling her he wouldn't be in her life.

A source revealed to The Sun, "Wendy's relationship with Kevin Jr has been strained," however, their relationship has already been rocky for a few years.

But it doesn't mean he doesn't care. In fact, the ultimatum is meant for Wendy William's best interest.

"He told her he won't be in her life unless she fixes herself."

The insider added, "Her son has been doling out the tough love, telling Wendy, 'Get yourself help, mom."


Meanwhile, Wendy's ex-husband shared a selfie on Instagram wearing luxury sunglasses and boasted about his blessings and health amid reports of her hospitalization.

Kevin Hunter captioned the photo, "Bday vibes ALL WEEK. so THANKFUL to the MOST HIGH GOD for ALL BLESSINGS...."

"I tried to tell 'EM ..HEALTH IS WEALTH ..not MONEY..GOD said 'They'll LEARN'. HAVE A BLESSED DAY."

However, fans pointed out that his luxury is from "The Wendy Williams Show" host's hard-earned cash.

Fans immediately slammed the former manager for seemingly shading Wendy, with some of them going into attack mode, calling out his insensitivity.

"It's the petty post for me. He knows Wendy is sick," one person commented on his post.

A second person said, "This caption is tacky af! Just remember karma don't miss no one sweetie...believe that."

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Wendy Williams' Battle

Wendy Williams has been drinking heavily every day, even while filming for her show.

The staff of her show always smelled the liquor on her, according to another source who spoke to The Sun.

"Everyone is an enabler because they don't want to lose their job. They see it, they know it, they smelled the liquor."

Wendy Williams opened up about her sobriety struggles in the past after filing for divorce from Kevin, her husband of 20 years.

The only time she was sober was when she lived in a sober house.

Per the source, "She doesn't need a talk show, she needs help."

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