Brian Laundrie is causing a major ruckus as he continues to hide from the authorities.

This week, rumors about Laundrie's family hiring Casey Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, emerged. The talks began when people spotted the family nearby the attorney's office in Orlando.

Hiring a high-profile attorney could help Laundrie get away from whatever crime he committed, if ever. Baez would be of great help, as he famously helped Anthony win a murder case in 2011.

The lawyer also defended Aaron Hernandez and was one of George Zimmerman's choices.

However, it seems to be a different case after all.

Brian Laundrie Does NOT Need A Lawyer?

Baez himself dismissed the claims that he was taking the case. He also debunked the reports about Laundrie and his family reaching out to him.

He clarified to a news outlet he was not taking the case and never had a plan to represent him or anyone related to the murder case.

The news came after family sources expressed their worry over the man's disappearance. They told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday that he left without his wallet and phone, seemingly hinting he would do something to himself anytime. Cutting ties from his family also expressed he never plans to return.

However, former host of "America's Most Wanted," John Walsh, shared a different opinion.

During his interview with Anderson Cooper, he alleged that Laundrie's parents were helping him escape. He also took his time to encourage everyone to be involved by reporting any information to the authorities as soon as possible. Some alleged that police are also helping Laundrie and his family escape the unexpected outcome of the case.

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Amid all these, his parents look more suspicious as days go by since the family never let out words except for their report about him missing since last Friday, soon after he was named a person of interest.

The parents, however, have the choice to or not to speak about anything related to Gabby Petito's case.

Criminal justice experts aid that a federal arrest warrant related to Petito could not be used against the parents. Still, Florida State University's College of Criminology and Criminal Justice professor emeritus, George Kirkham, said that anyone who helps Laundrie could be charged with aiding a fugitive.

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