Britney Spears' dad Jamie is $2.5 million richer today.

Jamie is getting $16,000 monthly in salary as Britney's conservator. He is also getting a percentage in the "Toxic" singer's earnings, reportedly in the millions.

But once he's out as conservator, he'll lose both salary and commissions.

Ahead of his removal and while still the conservator and in charge of Britney's assets in her estate, The Sun reported that the 69-year-old unloaded three separate parcels of land in the Spears' home state in Louisiana.

The land is near their family's hometown in Kentwood and appears underdeveloped but has several trees, dirt paths, and potential places to build.

In court documents obtained by the publication, a property tax assessment firm showed Jamie selling each parcel of land last month, two weeks before he filed documents claiming he would step down as his daughter's conservator.

Each plot of land was reportedly purchased for $815,000 each. For three lands, Jamie Spears was able to obtain $2.5 million.

Bridgemore Timber LLC has owned the land since 2002, and it is a company owned initially by Britney Spears.

The company is an asset that the "Womanizer" singer's conservatorship estate can control, which is being ruled by Jamie.

Aside from gaining control of Britney Spears' assets, the judge has also ruled that she needs to get permission from Jamie before making any financial decisions.

This has been going on since Feb. 2008, when the Los Angeles Supreme Court granted Jamie as his daughter's conservator.

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Britney vs. Spears Court Face-Off

On Wednesday, Britney Spears and her dad will once again have another face-off in court in a hearing as he steps down as her conservator.

The hearing will take place in a Los Angeles courthouse, and fans of the pop princess will indeed join in celebrating once Judge Brenda Penny removes Jamy Spears from the conservatorship immediately.

The Sun has also previously reported that Jamie will be "seriously investigated" for recording his daughter in her bedroom and could even face jail time for invading his adult daughter's privacy.

This new shocking accusation is from a former member of the "Lucky" singer's security who spoke on the Hulu documentary "Controlling Britney Spears."

Brit's lawyer Matthew Rosengart is saying that Jamie definitely "crossed unfathomable lines."

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