Netflix's new series "Squid Game" is about to be one of the most-watched series on the platform, just close to "The Witcher" and "Bridgerton."

It's no surprise that it is currently the number one series on the platform because of its excellent plot.

However, could there be a hidden meaning about the characters and the games?

What Is 'Squid Game' About?

Since its release, the violent thriller series has made many viewers' minds blown in every episode.

"Squid Game" is a series that focuses on desperately indebted people in South Korea that were tricked into playing children's games only to find out that each game could cost them their lives.

Though they were given a chance to get out of there during the first round of the game ended, they later volunteered to come back, realizing that the game would be their only chance to win the money they owe others.

After all, about $38 million is at stake. Unfortunately, the odds of survival are not that good. It's like "The Hunger Games," but the fights are playing marbles and Red Light Green Light.

Squid Game's Orderly Are Also Randomly Picked?

A TikTok video recently went viral after spotting something that could change the fans' perception of the show.

It's all about one detail with massive consequences.

When a salesperson recruits the protagonist Seong Gi-hun, he is asked to choose a colored tile, either blue or red, and participate in a game called Ddakji.

The game is famous in South Korea, played using folded paper tiles.

According to TikTok creator @lucy.what1, when Seong Gi-hun was questioned what color of tile he would choose to start the game, he chose blue. But what if he decided on the other tile color instead?

The theory suggests that all of the players chose the blue tiles and that the red workers seen in the show are also chosen the same way they were.

According to the theorist, could the people in the red suits could also be chosen randomly?

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Il-Nam and Gi-hun Are Related?

In another theory by TikTok star @ruthbellpan, she suggested that Gi-hun will find out that Il-Nam is his biological father.

Il-Nam was the oldest contestant in the series and is part of a massive plot twist in the end.

Theories said that before the elderly was thrown back into the competition, he gave Gi-Hun his 001 jackets to wear.

But Il-Nam later said he would need one because people might look down on him if he didn't have a coat.

It may be seen as an act of kindness, but it's also possible he was protecting his "son."

When they were about to play marbles on episode six, Il-Nam randomly said that he lived in a neighborhood just like the place the games are being held, to which Gi-Hun responds, "So did i. and you know something? Our alleyway looked very familiar."

In one episode, Il-Nam also asked what date it was, asking if it was the 24th day of the month because he wanted to know that his son's birthday was coming up.

Meanwhile, when Gi-Hun stole his mom's ATM card in the first episode, he entered his birthday as his pin, which is 0426, seemingly suggesting that Gi-Hun's birthday is the 24th and that his birthday is coming up, just like Il-Nam's son.

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