Katie Couric doesn't care about what she exposes in her new book because she isn't holding back.

The TV journalist has released "Going There," and will hit the shelves next month. However, there are already excerpts of her new book circulating online.

In some, she has openly talked about her feelings about key figures and notable celebrities that she encountered throughout her highly-praised career.

But this book may probably be the end of her career.

What Did Katie Couric Write on Her Book?

The Daily Mail reported that the former "Today" host was always fond of Martha Stewart, that during an awards ceremony, she made a joke about the Queen of DIY, saying, "Anything I can do, you [Martha] can do better."

The comment wasn't reportedly received well by the 80-year-old TV host.

In her book, Katie wrote that it took a lot of "healthy humbling (prison will do that...) for Martha to "develop a sense of humor."

The 64-year-old journalist also made incriminating comments about a royal renegade, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

Katie met Princess Diana's 37-year-old son during a polo match in Brazil.

She described the meeting as the royal's "wild-oats sowing phase," which seems to refer to his life before his wife Meghan Markle came into the picture.

The former "Shark Tale" star noted that Prince Harry smelled of cigarettes and alcohol that seemed to "ooze" from "every pore" in his body.

Meanwhile, Katie Couric also recalled when she was at the receiving end of Joan Rivers' fury while guesting on her short-lived TV show, "Katie."

The famous "Today" co-host asked Joan, who passed away in 2014 if she went under the knife-a question seemed to annoy Joan so much that they stopped talking to each other after that incident.

In her book, Katie detailed that while both of them were backstage, Joan threw a fit and said, "Who does she think she is? She's on her knees blowing 14-year-olds," referring to Brooks Perlin and her young boyfriend at the time.


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What Critics Are Saying About Katie Couric's Book

Critics who were able to get an early copy of Katie Couric's book say that this could ruin her esteemed career, especially since she has plans to return to TV.

When the book was released, an insider revealed that the mom-of-three would "never get a job at any TV network or cable channel every again because she attacks everyone."

They went on to say that Katie will be stuck with her social media accounts for the rest of her working life, "even though the book oozes of her desperation to be back on network TV hosting her own show."

Katie hosted "Jeopardy!" early this month just to figure out what would be the public's reaction of her big TV return and during that time, she earned mixed reviews.

Time will only tell if TV executives will turn a blind eye on her career-ending book. 

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