Prince Charles is destined to be the next royal to take over the British throne, and he will become one of the most powerful people if he's crowned as king. Recently, sources claim that the Prince is planning to use his full authority to take something away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the future.

According to Express UK, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who stepped down from royal duties and decided to move to the United States, will miss out on a royal perk.

The Prince of Wales changed households in 2002 when the Queen Mother died; he had moved to Clarence House, where Her Majesty's mom had lived for over 50 years.

In previous reports, the Sussexes are reportedly the ones who will live in the household when Prince Charles becomes king.

However, due to the couple's actions to the royal family and leaving as members of the firm, there will be a significant change.

Per insiders who spoke to the Daily Mail UK, Prince Harry and Markle's big move means the house is now "no longer on the cards."

The Clarence House is now reportedly likely reserved for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis. However, the household's outdated interior design is considered a "turn-off" for younger royals.

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Prince Charles Will Make Big Changes Within The Royal Houses When He Becomes King

According to the outlet, Prince Charles will make significant changes throughout the households assigned to royals.

The future monarch will reportedly reduce Buckingham Palace to little more than a "flat above the shop," The entire castle will be open to the public.

Prince Charles doesn't want to live in Berkshire as the area is "too noisy" due to Heathrow airport's flight path.

It is still unsure whether other royal family members agree to his decision. The outlet suggests that Prince Charles faces a diplomatic task to persuade his family over the significant changes.

Prince Andrew is reportedly not included with the extensive reshuffling within the households as there is no suggestion he will be asked to leave the property.

Prince Edward and Princess Anne also remain safe in their current residence in Bagshot Park at Windsor and Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire.

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