Exhibitors and attendees at Paramount's CineEurope Presentation were treated to a surprise guest in the form of one Mr. Tom Cruise, who secretly flew to Barcelona to take part in the event where he hyped up his two long awaited projects: the stunt laden Mission: Impossible 7 and his continually rescheduled Top Gun: Maverick.

Unlike past years, when CineEuope was an all-star event, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Cruise was the only celebrity in attendance. According to Deadline, he did not disappoint. The crowd seemed amped to hear what he had to say about the industry, the event, and his upcoming films.

I wanted to come personally and thank you all. We've had a great relationship over 40 years of my career. I'm always thinking about you all and sharing the work in theaters.

During his appearance, Cruise discussed his excitement for the new Mission: Impossible where he quips that the series strives to be,

Story and not just stunts... We always try to figure out how to communicate to the broadest audience possible.

Following that sentiment, he went on to address his reason for signing on to make the Top Gun sequel so many years after the original blockbuster saying, "the time felt right." He then treated the audience to the first 13 minutes of Top Gun: Maverick.

Ever the crowd pleaser, Cruise added a very bold statement about his career and his future going forward in the industry,

I love making movies, it's my passion. Every day we want the very best it can be. We're out here with you and for you and we're never going to stop.

Needless to say, the man definitely has the stamina to keep cranking out big budget spectacles beloved worldwide, but only time will tell.

If all goes well, Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters in May of 2022, while Ethan Hunt will make his return in September with Mission: Impossible 7.