Is Brian Laundrie's father trying to get away with the fugitive's issue by making one move?

The authorities announced their search at Carlton reserve again as Laundrie remains missing. But this time, they reportedly asked the patriarch, Chris Laundrie, to join the operation.

Laundrie family attorney, Steve Bertolino, confirmed the new development to Fox News on Wednesday.

"Since the preserve has been closed to the public, Chris has not been able to look for Brian in the only place Chris and Roberta believe Brian may be," the lawyer went on.

However, internet users found it something skeptical.

On Twitter, users expressed their enraged and questioned Chris' late participation in the search. Some suggested that Chris is only helping because he knows his son is still alive, while others said he only joined because the authorities asked him to do so.

One internet user said, "I don't give a f-k if the father is helping to look for him. It's only because he's been asked otherwise he wouldn't have bothered.. This whole situation is SICK!! His parents are EVIL. #BrianLaundrie."

Another added, "I don't trust Chris Laundrie. IMO, this is a strategic ploy by the Laundries to steer the FBI away from an area where they may be close to capturing Brian!"

 The same user suggested that the parents know exactly where Brian is. Otherwise, they would have been extremely worried if they were not.

Another Plot Set By The Laundries?

After the announcement, Bertolino said that the search had been delayed indefinitely as the preserve had been closed to the public.

Bertolino confirmed the postponement to NewsNation, stirring more questions among the public.

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"Unfortunately North Port police had to postpone Chris' involvement but Chris and Roberta are hopeful there will be another opportunity to assist, "he went on.

The statement alone caused massive questions, as the couple would have been helpful if they were cooperating with the police's request to give more information about their son.

Instead of assistance, Laundrie's parents offered nothing but a report about the day they saw him for the last time. Since then, they have remained silent and out of touch - contradicting what the attorney said about their willingness and hope to assist the authorities again.

There have been tips about Laundrie's potential whereabouts, but none of them have proven true or confirmed the fugitive's whereabouts.

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