Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's animosity may have just gotten a whole lot more entrenched, a report claims. Fortunately, Witherspoon and Aniston's new co-star on "The Morning Show" reportedly helped to ease tensions on set. 

One article claimed that  Witherspoon and Aniston have Margulies, save their longtime friendship while filming the book-based tv series.

It is known that Witherspoon and Aniston are both leading actresses and executive producers in the same show. And for sure, the two are busy working and shooting for the next episodes of "The Morning Show," which premiered its second installment last September 17.

  However, a report from Star via Suggest stated that their co-star Margulies became their friendship savior as the "best-friends" had a complicated time during shootings.

How Should 'The Morning Show' Continue?

The article also shared that Margulies and Aniston have always been in the same circles after filming on the same lot where the comedy sitcom "Friends" and medical series "ER" were set.

And this time, as the three came together in one show, the Laura Peterson character's presence is "a much-needed tonic" for her co-stars.

The insider told the outlet that Aniston and Witherspoon have been "best of friends" ever since; however, "things got complicated because they both have different ideas about how the show should go." And as soon as Margulies joined the show for its big return, the two fell on the same page.

"Her arrival on the show was the shot in the arm they needed," the insider leaked. And to conclude it all, they said, "Her liking the scripts and their ideas was a huge deal for Jen and Reese because they really respect her. It gave them much-needed common ground."

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The 'Sister-Like' Bond

Despite the report claiming that the two had disagreements in the show, the publisher has not proven a contradiction between Witherspoon and Aniston, to begin with.

Witherspoon and Aniston even spoke about how much fun they had as they promoted the upcoming second season in "The One Show," per Bustle.

Witherspoon even admitted how she was a massive fan of "Friends" before she guest-starred as Rachel Green's sister.

She also said, "It was just wonderful. I got to spend two weeks with them, Jen was so incredibly nurturing and sister-like." On the other hand, Witherspoon posted a series of photos, including Aniston from "The Morning Show" set with a caption, "When shooting during a pandemic, you have to connect with your co-stars in different ways. Love you @jenniferaniston!"

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