Friday is a day to take it easy and look back over what you've done this week - and Flashback Friday is when we round up all the best recent Throwback Thursday posts for you, so you can be sure you don't forget to remember.

Jameela Jamil Remembers Her Roots

  On September 19, Jameela Jamil posted a flashback to five years ago, when the brilliant comedy sitcom The Good Place first premiered on NBC, effectively launching her acting career. The Good Place aired for four seasons, ending with a tear jerking finale in 2020.

Happy Birthday, Zendaya!

Beloved zillennial actress Zendaya, best known for her role as MJ in the MCU's Spider-Man films, celebrated her 25th birthday on Semptember 2, posting an adorable photo of herself as a toddler, grinning while getting messy in her high chair.

Speaking of Spider-Man...

  Of course, Zendaya's co-star Tom Holland also posted a birthday photo of her, finally confirming the rumors that the pair are dating - though his hand was forced after paparazzi captured them kissing. The sweet photo he posted is a much more recent flashback from the Spider-Man set.

And Brie Larson, Too!

Zendaya isn't the only Marvel actress with a recent birthday: On October 1st, Brie Larson, known for her role as Captain Marvel, turned 32, celebrating with a fun picture of herself as a child, wearing a patterned dress and matching crown. Happy Birthday, Brie!

Taraji P. Henson Reminds Us That 'Think Like A Man' Was Fire

  The 2012 romcom Think Like A Man, based around the Steve Harvey self-help book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, follows four women as they try to overcome issues in their relationships using the book's help. Actress Taraji P. Henson played Lauren Harris, known in film title cards as "The Woman Who Is Her Own Man." Henson posted a clip of one of her scenes today, eating breakfast in bed with Michael Ealy.

The Jonas Brothers Did It Different

Ok, so the video Joe Jonas posted to his instagram on September 21 wasn't technically a throwback photo...but it definitely qualifies as a flashback. The Jonas Brothers recorded a video to advertise a contest they're hosting with Omaze, the winner of which will get to attend a pre-show dinner with them. For the video, Joe, Nick, and Kevin got dressed up like it was 2010 and tried to act out what those old dinners were like for hilarious results.

Hailee Steinfeld Posts an ADORABLE Baby Picture

  It's not Steinfeld's birthday...or, not HAILEE Steinfeld's birthday, anyway. The Hawkeye actress posted on June 30 of her dad holding her when she was an infant for his birthday, calling him her best friend for life. How sweet! (And can we just say: Mr. Steinfeld was a looker back in the day.)

Joel McHale Gave Us A Liiiittle Too Much Information

Last but not least, Community star Joel McHale posted in honor of his older brother's birthday on October 4, treating his fans to an adorable black and white photo of the pair in a toy car as small children. (He also, unfortunately, let everyone know publicly that his brother had a herniated bladder, so...get well soon, buddy, that sounds like it hurts.)