Brittany Murphy's sudden death has become a trending topic once again, and so are the conspiracy theories connecting her mother to the tragedy.

HBO Max will be releasing a two-part documentary dedicated to the "Clueless" starlet, available on the streaming platform starting October 14. Titled "What Happened to Brittany Murphy?" the mini-series will tackle the life and mysterious death of the late actress.

The film's content will include Brittany's career, her early success, her self-image struggles, and what had happened on that fateful day of her passing.

The Case of Brittany Murphy

Sources revealed how the deputy medical examiner for the case reported that Murphy's cause of death had been because of her "life-threatening" anemia and pneumonia.

Others have been pointing fingers at the celebrity's guardian, who had been the one to report the situation to the authorities. Apparently, Sharon Murphy discovering her daughter's dead body in the bathroom of their shared home had raised suspicion from conspiracy theorists.

The accusations of foul play seemed so far-fetched until they brought up the connection between Sharon and Simon Monjack.

Brittany's husband was found deceased just five months after her death, and eerily enough, Sharon's son-in-law died for the same reason her daughter did. The three were known to share the couple's Hollywood Hills residence, and it was the older Murphy who called 911 for help during both instances.

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Did Sharon Murder Brittany?

Brittany's late father, Angelo Bertolotti, had also suspected some kind of foul play had happened regarding his daughter's death.

Angelo had become suspicious of his ex-wife and somehow retrieved some hair and tissue particles from the younger Murphy to present as evidence. According to Hollywood Life, Bertolotti had sent the DNA samples for evaluation and discovered traces of "heavy metals and toxins."

Sharon had responded to the accusation by pointing the finger back towards him, claiming that Bertolotti was an absent father and that everything he did was an "inexcusable effort to smear my daughter's memory."

"We will never know [the reason] for sure. However, we do know the Los Angeles County Coroner did extensive tests and found that she dies of natural causes. And now she is a real living angel in heaven," Brittany's mother had said during her wake.

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