Meghan Markle offered her absurd travel demands to the royal family, a report claimed.

The royal family has not seen Meghan and baby Archie for nearly two years since the Sussexes decided to leave their senior royal lives in the UK. Their daughter, Lilibet Diana, is also yet to see her great grandmother and the other members.

After nearly two years, Meghan and Prince Harry reportedly began planning their return. However, the Duchess of Sussex has a long list of demands before the visit happens.

In a report by OK! Magazine, it revealed that the royal couple wants Queen Elizabeth II to meet their daughter. However, the royal family needs to provide them 24/7 security, full lodgings at a royal residence, and the power to control their schedule and appearances.

During their stay, Meghan reportedly wants Prince Harry to be with her at all times so that she will not miss any secret meetings.

Instead of stopping her from giving the demands, the Duke of Sussex is said to be 100 percent supporting her. Since she went through a lot because of the royal family, he no longer found it surprising to learn what his wife wanted.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Only Want Basic Needs

The date of their return is yet to be confirmed, but one thing is for sure: whatever they ask is necessary.

It is only normal for royals to have 24/7 security, especially on the Sussexes since they have been the center of attention these past months. In terms of the luxury lodgings they want, all royals reside in all royal residences, and they equally receive the amount of support and assistance they need.

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Meanwhile, their desire to have their schedule is no longer surprising. For a family who only wants to be back in the UK for vacation, Queen Elizabeth II and the other members would not have a say about it.

Queen Elizabeth II herself proclaimed that the Sussexes would always be welcomed back regardless of their life decisions outside the monarchy. Although their future returns will not be as senior royals, the monarch still treats them as royal family members and believes they deserve to get what the other members enjoy.

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