Dolly Parton is reportedly continuing with more plastic surgeries despite the worries of friends and family. This time, a publication claims  the  country singer wishes to "stimulate" her "flabby buttocks" using fat injections. Is this true? 

As reported by National Enquirer via Suggest, the article  with a headline, "Dolly's Desire: A Titanic Tush," revealed that Parton wanted to "boost her saggy butt" with injections. It noted that the "unhappy" country singer "feels it's time to do something about her droopy derriere!"

The insider told the outlet that she already had gone through "every surgery known to man," removing the Brazilian butt-lift out of the list. They even stated that the reason why Parton had really gone "gung-ho" over the implants was that it lasts for years, "although she hasn't ruled out butt implants either."

Dolly Parton's Butt-Lift Plans

Based on the article, her friends and family went against her plans of getting another procedure. They even described her backside to be "flat as a pancake."

The source also referenced her husband of 55 years, Carl Dean, that he " thinks Dolly is silly to worry about such things," which had the same thoughts as their peers not matching his wife's butt-lift plans.

For further reliability, the outlet even consulted with a cosmetic surgeon where they explained the possibility of having risks going through the procedure. The doctor explained that while the implant may be common for young women it isn't for those of Dolly's age.

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Is She Going To Pursue Her Surgery Plans?

Many know that the "Here You Come Again" singer had gone through numerous plastic surgeries, ranging from breast augmentation, breast implants, a brow lift, surgery on her eyelids, a nose job, and on her chin.

However, Suggest was doubtful of the said source's narrative regarding Dolly Parton. While she may be pretty open about her cosmetic changes, the fact-checking publication said it is almost impossible that she would put herself at risk just by a surgical procedure.

The source even mentioned Carl Dean being "infamously very reclusive," which made the article not plausible that they could get inside details from him.

While the magazine provided a doctor saying Parton's plans could be a huge mistake, the said surgeon even admitted that he had never treated Parton before nor if she was considering going under the knife again. The source called their opinion pointless.

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