The world is now pleading with the authorities to work harder in finding Brian Laundrie after Gabby Petito's cause of death was confirmed.

On Tuesday, the official and final result of Petito's autopsy outed the YouTuber's terrifying last days. Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue revealed that the YouTuber's cause of death was strangulation while the manner of death was a homicide.

The verdict he filed on October 5 with the Teton County Clerk of District Court disclosed that the cause of death was manual strangulation/throttling.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Dr. Blue said that a human being strangled Petito. He also noted that she died three to four weeks before the authorities finally found her body in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The timeline he gave matches the timeline Petito's family gave to the police.

After confirming the horrifying cause of death, internet users appealed to find Brian Laundrie as soon as possible since he definitely got all the missing pieces of the crime.

FIND BRIAN LAUNDRIE: Public Outcry Gives World Shiver

On Twitter, several users began to ask everyone's help to finally find the missing fiance. They also want him to face the effect of the potential crime he committed.

One fan said, "He's committed so much and got away with it.. FIND HIM."

"The closure that's needed is Brian being caught & put to justice but finally knowing the autopsy reports and how #GabbyPetito died feels like closure I can settle for in the meantime. May all women in abusive relationships find the strength and confidence to leave. #BrianLaundrie," another wrote.

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Some people also blamed the police who saw the couple for the last time. At that time, Petito reported how he squeezed her cheeks and put his other hand around her neck.

Those, unfortunately, were already signs of domestic abuse. While the authorities already got the chance that time, the responders sided with Laundrie and believed in his story about his anxiety before putting away Petito.

"I saw the video before it hit the news and was blown away by what I saw, and how the police sided with him and neglected her. It was sickening, and shamefully not atypical," another penned.

The hair-raising event will be remembered forever by Petito's loved ones, and people want to help them by giving justice the YouTuber deserves.

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