Is Tiger Woods finally quitting golf forever?

Globe recently reported that Tiger Woods is no longer fit to play professional golf after his terrifying car crash early this year.

On Feb. 23, the 46-year-old was hospitalized in the aftermath of a single-car wreck. Authorities have ruled the entire thing an accident. 

Tiger Woods Car Crash 2021 Revisited

The LA County Sheriff'sDepartment said in a statement that the professional athlete was removed from the wreck of "'the jaws of life'" by the LA County firefighters and paramedics when his car flipped several times. 

The vehicle had major damage while Woods' reportedly suffered multiple leg injuries. 

Authorities also said that there was no proof of impairment during the crash. 

Tiger Woods 'Trapped In Pain?'

Globe reported that the golf superstar is not in the best shape to make a golfing comeback. 

While Woods was thought to be nearly recovered from his car crash, the outlet said that he isn't mentally capable enough to return to his beloved sport. 

An insider revealed, "Everyone assumes Tiger's on the road to recovery, but psychologically it gets tougher and tougher to dig deep and stay positive - especially since he's still in a heap of physical pain."

This year, Woods even missed the Ryder Cup, and that's because he reportedly still is not in the condition to start playing again. 

According to the insider, "He would've loved to attend, but he's in worse shape psychologically and physically than his fans realize."

They went on to claim, "He hobbles around on crutches. There's no way he could walk a golf course and he doesn't want people's pity."

Globe's insider also said that friends and family of Tiger Woods are reportedly worried that things wouldn't be better and would become even more dreadful because he has a very long way to go to recovery. 

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The Truth About Tiger Woods' Recovery

Globe's report seems to be inconsistent with People magazine's recent report claiming Tiger Woods has made a "remarkable recovery" following the crash. 

They went on to say that every day, he's doing better and even do more and handle more. 

It is said to be lesser now when it comes to the pain, and he's feeling so much better. 

Tiger Woods underwent surgery in Feb. to repair the badly fractured leg bones, and doctors believe that his injuries are more difficult to heal.

But Woods has proved them all wrong after the recent report on his recovery.  

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