Brian Laundrie is still nowhere to be found a month after he was reported missing.

Nobody knows where he could be, even his parents Chris and Roberta, his sister Cassie and even their family lawyer, Steve Bertolino.

Many people think he's already dead, while others theorize that he's hiding in his parents' home's bunker.

However, the lawyer is seen providing little clues that his fugitive client is still alive and on the run.

Bertolino has repeatedly said he's representing the entire Laundrie family, and according to Jennifer Coffindaffer, who spoke to NewsNationNow, it's highly unlikely the lawyer would always come forward claiming he's representing a dead client.

"The attorney has repeatedly said he's representing the Laundrie family and Brian. He would not represent someone that is not alive."

Where Is Brian Laundrie?

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who has been an active participant in search of Brian Laundrie, has recently suggested that he firmly believes his sister, Cassie, has more information about her brother's disappearance.

TMZ reported that Duane Chapman, the TV personality's real name, showed up at Cassie's home and knocked "like crazy."

He b-lined to the front door, but at the time, nobody answered the door even after a long time.

But Dog reportedly doesn't want to give up now and will surely return to confront Brian's sister sometime soon.

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Brian Laundrie 'Not A Suspect'

The FBI doesn't consider Brian Laundrie a suspect in the Gabby Petito death, but they treat him as a "person of interest."

Other Laundrie family members have also not been named in any capacity so far, so it is wise not to think that Dog's statement about the influencer's murder is only an opinion - not a fact.

People will have to wait and see until the FBI officially declares him as a suspect or once they file charges against him in the death of Gabby Petito.

Brian is only facing charges for unauthorized debit card use, not for the murder. An arrest warrant has been issued for the bank fraud.


Where Is Gabby Petito's Body?

Wyoming coroner Dr. Brent Blue was released to a local mortuary in Gabby Petito's body for burial.

According to him, the 22-year-old's cause of death was manual strangulation.

Before her body was found, it was ascertained to be about three to four weeks on the ground before it was discovered on Sept. 19.

Gabby's dad collected her ashes in Wyoming, and it's unclear what they will do next since they already arranged a memorial service for her in Sept. and used an empty urn.

No further details about Gabby Petito's death have been released.

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