Did Tom Cruise suffer from face fillers problems that he looks fuller than ever now?

Last week, photos of Cruise attending the Dodgers vs. Giants baseball game in San Francisco surfaced. The pictures in question, however, featured the actor's face looking puffier than ever.

This caused massive online buzzes, with people assuming he suffered from plastic surgery failure. They said Cruise seemingly received too many face fillers that made his face unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, others insisted he only gained weight after filming "Mission: Impossible." They also noted that he is almost 60-year-old, and seeing him gain weight immediately is only natural.

One user said, "What has happened to Tom Cruise's face?! Really bad fillers? An extra long course of corticosteroids ? Either way, it's unfortunate."

"He does not look too good? #TomCruise bloated face or #botox Like #nicolekidman and #KylieMinogue They all seem very bloated in the face?" another wrote.

After the continuous buzzes bombarded the internet, Cruise himself seemingly debunked that he had a botched face.

Did Tom Cruise Only Gain Weight?

On Wednesday, the 59-year-old was spotted piloting his own plane in Los Angeles before riding his motorcycle.

As seen in the pictures obtained by Daily Mail, the actor's face remained the same as how he looked during the baseball game. However, his puffy face is not reportedly caused by tragic plastic surgery.

According to Dr. Alice Henshaw, Cruise indeed has had fillers under his eyes, around his mouth, and nose in the past. But this time, his "swollen" look is caused by a different thing.

She noted that even Cruise's neck looks swollen - a part of the body where a filler should not be placed in. So far from people's claims about plastic surgery, it is safe to say that the actor only gained some weight.

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Still, she did not dismiss the idea of potential surgery, including a neck lift. But the type of swelling Cruise has did not match the effects of the procedure in people.

Dr. Henshaw added that a hair transplant was probably done on the actor, and it was only a natural thing to do, especially since he nears his 60th birthday.

"At almost 60, Tom's hairline has remained relatively the same, although slightly thinning, which does suggest he may have had hair transplants," she continued.

Regardless of what's happening in Tom Cruise's body, the actor remains the only one who has a say about it. His face may change over time, but his fans still applaud him for the unmatched contribution he has already offered in the industry.

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