Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee could also mark the toughest year for her, a royal author claimed.

In the past years, Queen Elizabeth has been tested with the issues and scandals bombarding the royal family. Her decades-old career also saw the worse things happened after another.

However, a royal author recently warned her of the impending "toughest year" yet as royal members began "rebooting."

In a new feature written for Express UK, royal author Christopher Wilson mentioned the central members' travel to Scotland for the COP26 in Glasgow. Initially, only one generation of the royal family attended the summit.

However, since the COVID-19 came, Queen Elizabeth II started working with the other royal family members and introduced the different generations to the public. Despite her efforts, the monarch will reportedly face the worst next year.

Queen Elizabeth II Should Prepare For "Other Side Of The Coin"

Although Queen Elizabeth still has high approval ratings, the other royal family members seemingly lost their chance to prove themselves again.

Wilson highlighted Prince Harry and Prince Andrew's recent moves that caused crises in the monarchy. In response to these, the royal family members - especially Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge - have stepped up to help the Queen.

Fortunately, the monarch's strategy has been working. Good news seemingly outshined the bad ones in the recent weeks, and the monarchy started to look sturdy again.

But as the future remains unknown, the royal author predicted that the worst things would make next year a tough one.

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"Behind the smiles and the waves, however, lies a strategic recalibration to take account of the uncertainties next year, which is likely to prove the most challenging yet to face the Queen since she came to the throne," he went on.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's next moves remain unpredictable. But the royal couple would seemingly break the monarchy by removing the line between being a royal and a celebrity.

In addition, Prince Andrew was reportedly removed as a working royal. Prince William revealed over the weekend that his uncle might never go back to his royal life again amid his legal battle against Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, unfortunately, brought headaches as well, including the resignation of Michael Fawcett and his past black-spider memos.

As more important royal members continue to question the monarchy's future, Wilson believes that 2022 would bring an alarming news to Queen.

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