Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already go too far that their actions already broke Queen Elizabeth II?

Prince Harry and Meghan continue to appear in several engagements after leaving their senior royal posts. On top of that, they constantly speak against the monarchy and the members of the royal family.

Following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's appearances - especially in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth II is said to be done with both of them.

New Idea reported that the Queen finally "snapped" upon learning about the royal prince's memoir. However, she felt enraged even more when she discovered Prince Harry's additional book that he plans to publish after his grandmother dies.

"Honestly, it's just one attack after the other. Harry and Meghan need to stop! Whatever they are planning must be huge," a source said, saying Queen Elizabeth II jetted to her Windsor home to take some time off.

The same insider warned Prince Harry and Meghan about the effects of their moves to the old monarch. Instead of focusing on her health while leading the monarchy, the Queen needed to deal with them.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth II is said to be thinking over her relationship with Prince Harry. Learning about a royal member targeting others was reportedly a massive slap in her face, especially everything that happened after the Sussexes pledged to uphold her values.

Unfortunately, holding an interview with Winfrey and outing baseless accusations were not in line with Queen Elizabeth II's values.

Did Queen Elizabeth Already Have Enough?

While the Sussexes' feud against the royal members has been publicly known for quite some time, it is highly likely they also established a worrying relationship with the Queen.

Although they targeted the royals during their tell-all interview, Prince Harry and Meghan frequently speak highly of Queen Elizabeth II. This proved that there was no bad blood going on between them.

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In addition, the royal couple named their daughter after Queen's private nickname. That alone showed massive respect and admiration for the Queen.

Meanwhile, the report about Queen Elizabeth II getting weaker because of the royal couple sounded absurd. For what it's worth, her doctors advised her to cut off her alcoholic beverages, but Her Majesty remains healthy and fit despite her old age.

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