Adrian Holmes, who plays the role of Uncle Phil in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reboot, hit an unidentified man in a fatal accident on the Los Angeles freeway.

Multiple news outlets broke the report, confirming that the actor was driving when he got involved in a fatal accident. Holmes was reportedly traveling on the 110 north of Sunset Boulevard on Monday around 7:35 p.m.

The victim was reportedly lying down in his lane before unknowingly hitting him. One source said that the actor failed to avoid hitting the man. The person driving behind him was also unable to prevent his car from knocking on the victim and ended up pushing him into the adjacent lane.

Upon impact, the victim was also hit by a third car on the other lane.

The police confirmed that the man suffered from fatal injuries. They reportedly began their investigation to look into the cause of the accident and why the victim was on the freeway at the time of the accident.

All three drivers, including Holmes, may be absolved from the incident as no drugs and alcohol were involved. However, it remains unknown whether the victim was under the influence that caused him to lose control over himself.

Information about the victim - including his identity - remains undisclosed to the public.

"Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Updates

In another news, Holmes has been chosen to play Fresh Prince's uncle from the original sitcom. Uncle Philip serves as the tritagonist and main antagonist of the series.

Before Holmes, late actor James Avery originally portrayed the role in the "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" series. Avery died in December 2013 at Glendale Memorial Medical Center after suffering from open-heart surgery.

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Before his death, he had already suffered from multiple medical problems, including severe coronary heart disease, end-stage kidney disease, and type-2 diabetes. His family spread his ashes in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Los Angeles.

Avery's colleagues paid an emotional tribute to him during the reunion of the "Fresh Prince" stars. Tatyana Ali, who played his on-screen daughter, referred to him as the heart of the show.

"James Avery was this 6 foot 4, Shakespearean beast, and I wanted him to think I was good," Will Smith said. "I fall into his arms at the end of the scene, and he's holding me and the shot pans off, and he whispers in my ear, 'Now that's acting,'"

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