Kylie Jenner has been successful in all of her "Kylie-"related businesses - all but one.

She believes that one particular business is going to destroy the career she has worked hard for.

According to Life and Style, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul reportedly worries that her career will be destroyed after getting negative reviews on her newest venture, Kylie Swim.

The mom of Stormi Webster reportedly didn't expect that people wouldn't love her newest releases as most of the reviews were negative, and she and her new business venture have been blasted on social media.

An insider revealed, "She wasn't expecting this reaction. She's really freaking out over all the hateful reviews."

"Kylie used to feel like everything she touched turned to gold, but that just isn't true anymore. And she's really upset."

Kylie Jenner - Bad Boss?

Though Kylie Jenner was reportedly very hands-on with the production, checking every little detail, she reportedly has been yelling and screaming at her employees because of the pressure she was on.

According to the insider, "Kylie was yelling and screaming about quality control with the bathing suits, but the truth is, she's got her name on the line."

The 24-year-old media personality reportedly knows that "she's the boss, and if the quality isn't there, no one's getting blamed but her."

Kris Jenner In A Hurry to Help

Because of the backlash Kylie Jenner and Kylie Swim have gotten, it has also been reported that she and her mom, Kris Jenner, have been having emergency meetings, so they find solutions and ways to turn everything around.

They are already thinking of backup plans because the last thing they want to happen is to be overwhelmed with more problems with the line.


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Kylie Jenner Downfall?

Kylie Jenner, who has also successfully released Kylie Skin and Kylie Baby, reportedly doesn't want her empire to crumble or her name to be destroyed.

Especially now that she has trademarked even more things that she's planning to venture out on soon.

Additionally, the added stress on her now is not good, especially since she's pregnant with her and Travis Scott's second child.

Now is supposedly the best time for Kylie to relax, per the insider, but her reputation is clearly on the line, and if she doesn't do anything, it may be Kylie Jenner's downfall.

"Instead, she's questioning whether she's taken on too much and worrying about the bad vibes affecting her baby."

The Truth

While there is some truth to Kylie Jenner's swimwear line not getting positive and rave reviews from those who purchased it, it's not true that she's concerned about her Kylie empire crumbling because of her swimwear failure.

She can work on other businesses because she has a lot of money and can quickly move on from one venture to the next if all else fails.

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