In the past couple of weeks, Machine Gun Kelly have dominated even more headlines because of his brawls and feuds with celebrities and sometimes, fans.

During his Louder Than Life festival performance, Megan Fox's boyfriend got booed off the stage and even punched a fan.

The Houston-born rapper-turned-rock star, whose real name is Colson Baker, has been making noise with his intense PDA moments with his Hollywood A-lister girlfriend and his recent encounter with Conor McGregor.

But it seems like that these headline-grabbing moments are all just for show, according to the National Enquirer.

Their source revealed, "He started out as one of a million rappers, but now he's the most talked about dud in Hollywood."

Machine Gun Kelly generated controversy when he started dating a still-married Fox to Brian Austin Green in 2020.

But it doesn't seem like it was just Kelly who want in on the spotlight.

The source added, "Both of them were looking to restart their careers, so they each got more publicly than they ever would have done."

Fox and Kelly owned the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, where his intense disagreement with McGregor was witnessed.

"It was all anybody talked about the day and people around him are saying. It was pre-arranged."

And as for his comments blasting metal band Slipknot for being "old weird dudes with masks," the source said, "Look at all the press he's gotten."

"He knows exactly what he's doing."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Wants the Publicity?

It's best to take the National Enquirer's report with a grain of salt.

It seems unlikely that the couple are fame-hungry, as both celebrities are already famous in their own right.


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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly PDA

Last week, Megan Fox attended her boyfriend's show in Los Angeles and the "Bloody Valentine" hitmaker had to pause his performance to give her a dramatic kiss in front of the crowd.

Fans caught the moment on camera when the hitmaker approached the "Jennifer's Body" star in the crowd where he sang to her briefly then picked her up and showed everyone their trademark PDA.

According to a fan who spoke to Page Six, "He was singing 'Jawbreaker' and came into the crowd and was singing into her ear."

"He then looked at her and goes, 'I love you.' Megan said it back, they kissed and she looked like the happiest person you've ever seen in your life."

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