Brian Laundrie has reportedly died after his parents confirmed that the human remains dental records found on Wednesday were their son's.

This means that the mysterious disappearance and murder case of Gabby Petito may never be solved.

After a month-long search in the Carlton Reserve and several parts of the US, Brian Laundrie's remains were reportedly discovered at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, near his home in Florida.

Laundrie was the only person of interest and unofficial suspect of the murder of his fiancé, and he had been missing since Sept. 17.

There's also a warrant for his arrest after making unauthorized withdrawals from Petito's bank account of more than $1,000.

But with Laundrie's death, there comes a critical question.

If there's proof that he's guilty of killing Gabby Petito, can Brian Laundrie still be tried even though he's dead?

People are wondering now what would happen to the Gabby Petito murder investigation and the trial of Brian Laundrie.

Can Brian Laundrie Be Tried Even if He's Dead?


According to the 1993 Supreme Court ruling, per Meaww, the court doesn't allow trials "in absentia of a defendant who is not present at the beginning of their trial."

Per US law, "a defendant in a trial must be available to mount a legal defense."

This means that Brian Laundrie can't be tried and convicted because he couldn't be present in trial.

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What's Going to Happen to Brian Laundrie's parents?

Chris and Roberta Laundrie have faced a massive backlash throughout the entire search, from Petito missing and then later their son.

However, there are no official criminal charges against them as well.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie aren't going to face implications without a criminal charge.

But people theorize that the parents knew what happened to Gabby Petito and that they helped their son get away with it.

If there's enough evidence to prove that they did help him after a warrant was issued in their son's name, the parents would be facing charges for assisting and abetting a fugitive.

However, according to several reports, Brian Laundrie may have been dead for a much longer time, and it is believed he met his demise even before the warrant was out.

This is due to the state of decomposition of the remains discovered.

Up to this day, more and more questions are being asked surrounding the murder of Gabby Petito and the death of Brian Laundrie. An autopsy of his body is currently underway.

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