Halyna Hutchins reportedly stayed on the set of "Rust" despite other's staff walking out as part of their protest, an actor close to the cinematographer said.

A few days after Hutchin's tragic death following a gun incident on the "Rust" set, an actor close to her reportedly spoke to film's crew members and revealed why the cinematographer stayed.

Speaking to People, Jonathan McAbee said that she was supposed to join other staff's walkout due to a protest. However, she stayed on the set and saved the jobs of the remaining staff.

"She put her heart and soul into everything she did, and even after losing her whole crew - who walked off in protest - she stayed because she felt the responsibility for everyone else's job there. If she left, production's over and that's what? Another 30 people's jobs, livelihoods?" he went on.

For McAbee, he would have walked off, as well, if he was on the show and found out that there was a live firearm on the set. He also appealed that there should be a way to ban live guns after the recent incident.

Hutchins was one of the two victims who suffered injuries following the shooting. The 42-year-old cinematographer was still responsive when she was airlifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital. However, she eventually died due to the severity of her state.

Meanwhile, the other victim, Director Joel Souza, was transported to Christus St. Vincent's Hospital via ambulance. He was already discharged from the medical facility a few days ago.

Why Was There A Walkout On 'Rust' Set?

Following the misfire incident, a member of the "Rust" camera team shared a statement through IA Members Unite's Instagram Story. Multiple sources confirmed that several camera crew members submitted their resignation letters the night before experiencing an unsafe working environment.

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Per the Los Angeles Times, the protest also came to light as the staff had been reportedly working long hours after several commutes. Three crew members also expressed their concern about the previous prop gun incident involving accidental charges.

Following the recent incident, there were already two accidental discharges on the set. Unfortunately, there was no prop master the day Hutchins died after Baldwin fired the prop gun.

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