The royal family, specifically Queen Elizabeth, is rumored to be in a state of stressful preparation for the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their daughter's christening.

Did Harry and Meghan really agree to have a reunion with their relatives after leaving the royal family and publicly airing their unresolved issues?

Articles have been predicting the outcome of this tense meeting and have even dubbed it as a "major showdown."

According to In Touch via Suggest, the couple is set to have their Lilibet Diana baptize in the United Kingdom, which apparently has caused a "major stir in the royal family."

Queen Elizabeth's Blessing

The article stated that the Queen is stressed over Harry and Meghan's decision to have Lili's baptism at her grandson's homeland. More importantly, it speculated that Queen Elizabeth "has reluctantly agreed" to give her great-granddaughter a royal christening.

An inside source relayed to the publication that the California-based family informed the royals of their plans beforehand. They requested the blessing of Harry's grandmother to allow their youngest to have the privilege of a royal christening.

However, the informant also explained the Queen's reluctance to give her blessing. "She wants to meet Lili, but she and everyone else are questioning Harry and Meghan's motivation after they've said such cruel things about the family in recent months," the insider said.

It seems like the upcoming event will cause the aforementioned "major showdown" between both sides as it "has all the makings of being a disaster."

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Meghan and Harry's Plans

"But that hasn't stopped [Meghan and Harry.] They're flying to London even though they didn't receive a formal invitation," the source said. Moreover, the article's author mentioned how the power couple is heading to England for matters other than baptism, much to Queen Elizabeth's worries.

"[Meghan] wants Archie and Lili to have titles and is hoping Harry can convince the queen to make that happen because he's demanding it too," the informant stated.

However, Page Six had also reported that Lilibet's parents never planned to bring her to Windsor Castle, much less to the UK for her christening, nor did they confirm the rumors surrounding the request of blessing from Harry's grandmother.

"There will not be a christening in the UK. It is not happening," a palace source informed the publication and even described the situation as "highly unlikely." It seems like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will settle on having Lilibet baptize in the Episcopal Church in California.

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