A prop expert weighed in on the recent shooting incident on Alec Baldwin's "Rust" set and said the accident could have been avoided.

In a new interview following the "Rust" incident, SFX and props expert Steve Wolf weighed in and shared what went wrong on the film's set. According to the film weapons expert, the misfire incident could have and should have been avoided in the first place.

"There's a certain amount of presence that's required to command the authority to dictate the safe use of firearms. And I think that wasn't present," Wolf said. "I have a hard time believing that anyone on the production thought that that armor would have had that presence to command set safely.

The lead armorer, Hannah Reed, is only 24 years old and admitted that she was scared about doing the job. Wolf believed that Reed does not have enough experience yet. The film executives should also have reportedly looked for a more professional armorer to ensure the crew members' safety.

What Went Wrong On 'Rust'?

The interviewer also asked the prop expert whether there was a problem or the regulations on the set were not followed.

Outside Rust, Wolf said that it is not uncommon to face that kind of incident, unfortunately, especially on low-budget movies like "Rust." He added that the shortcuts crew members take seriously compromise everyone's safety.

However, in the end, "Rust" crew members seemingly cut corners despite believing someone might get killed.

In the end, he addressed people's lingering question of whether Baldwin should shoulder any blame over the incident. According to the expert, the actor is responsible despite being an actor in the tragic scene since he should have known how to use a real gun safely and adequately.

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Baldwin has already talked to the investigators on the day of the incident and remains cooperative with the investigation.

As of the writing, the film's production company announced the postponement of the film amid an internal review of their procedures.

"Rust" producers sent a statement to Fox News saying they began providing mental health services to everyone who witnessed the tragedy. Meanwhile, camera operator Reid Russell defended Alec Baldwin and said that the actor was cautious with prop firearms even before the incident happened.

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