Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck probably thought fate must be tricking them after they bumped into Jennifer Garner during Halloween.

On Sunday, Lopez and Affleck enjoyed trick-or-treating with their kids in Malibu. They celebrated the event with the actor's 9-year-old son Samuel and the singer's 13-year-old son Maximilian.

However, photographs uploaded by Daily Mail confirmed that Affleck's ex-wife was in the same area over the weekend. The news outlet's sources revealed that they eventually bumped into each other although they failed to capture a photo of it.

After the news broke, internet users who support Garner shared their thoughts about the recent outing.

One fan said, "This strikes me as incredibly big of Jennifer Garner. Affleck was a complete fool to have wrecked his marriage and family life with her (for a nanny fling, no less). Easy prediction: he and JLo won't last, anyway."

 "Since @jlo and Jennifer Garner were trick or treating in the same neighborhood, are there now 2 Jennies from the block? How much candy did they get? Did they get a little or did they get a lot?" another playfully asked.

Ben Affleck's Relationship Timelines With Two Jennifers

Affleck and Garner first met in 2000 on the set of "Pearl Harbor" while the actor first encountered Lopez in 2001 while filming "Gigli."

In 2002, Affleck shared moments with the two actresses by joining Garner's "Daredevil" and appearing on Lopez's "Jenny From The Block." Although the actor first laid his eyes on Garner, he popped out the question to Lopez instead and offered her a 6.1-carat pink diamond from Harry Winston.

Bennifer worked again in "Jersey Girl," but Affleck sparked rumors with Garner on "Dinner For Five" despite having different partners at that time.

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In March 2003, Garner and Foley split - months before Bennifer postponed their wedding and ultimately split in January 2004.

Months after that, Affleck and Garner publicly announced they are a couple while Lopez moved on with Marc Anthony. They ended up having two kids before separating in 2014.

The following year, the Affleck and Garner got engaged during the actress's 33rd birthday. They got married in a private ceremony in 2005 before filing for divorce a decade later after reports about Affleck bringing the family's nanny to Las Vegas emerged.

Years after they became available, Bennifer officially reunited when Lopez ended her engagement to Alex Rodriguez.

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