Johnny Depp's co-star Kevin McNally, who played Mr. Gibbs' role, offered massive support toward the actor and his film, "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

For years, Depp dedicated his life portraying Captain Jack Sparrow's titular role that gave Disney a billion-dollar franchise. However, he immediately lost the position after losing his libel case against The Sun.

Despite that, the actor continues to receive heartfelt support from fans and his co-stars. Most recently, McNally offered a warning if the franchise would push through without Depp. The actor played the role of Mr. Gibbs in all five "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, and he knows what kind of actor Depp is.

During his new movie "Decrypted" promotion, McNally told Express UK how he never saw something negative in the actor.

"I've never seen a hint of any dark side to Johnny. I see a great humanitarian and a beautiful human being. I don't see any impediment for him coming back and playing Jack Sparrow," he said.

Since it is seemingly impossible for Depp to play the lead role again, the actor said he would love to play a different role with the lead star if spin-offs would be made.

According to McNally, the public already declared "No Johnny Depp, No Pirates of the Caribbean." After all that happened, he believed people would always search for Depp no matter what.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" Would Fail Without Johhny Depp

McNally's comment resonated with what Depp's colleague said earlier this year.

Caroline Thompson sat for an interview with Insider, wherein she expressed her dismay over Warner Bros.' decision to remove the actor from the franchise.

According to Thompson, the removal of the 57-year-old Depp was "cruel." Despite that, she said she understands why the media giant decided to ask him to leave.

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"There are fallouts from our hyper-sensitive times. Things go to extremes, and they have to. It's all apart of the zeitgeist we are experiencing right now," she said. "I hope he's okay."

Meanwhile, Jeremy Thomas told Screen Daily that Depp is a wonderful person. He revealed that he knew how great Depp is a person and he remains his friend even after his legal troubles.

Most recently, his fans launched another appeal titled "Get Johnny Depp back into 'Pirates of the Caribbean,'" to save the actor.

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