Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are rumored to be having a hard time at their new place after selling and moving out of their California house and down south.

The celebrity couple is apparently out of their depth in a new state so soon after leaving the Hollywood hills for a less flashy life in Tennesse. According to Star via Suggest, the pair thought that uprooting the home and life they built in LA could save their rocky relationship.

"[Justin and Jessica] left Hollywood to try and save their marriage and to give their sons a chance at a normal childhood," an inside source dished out.

Jessica Has A Hard Time Making Friends

Instead, they faced another problem of acclimating to a new environment and finding new friends. The publication specifically mentioned how Biel is having difficulty building connections with the people in Timberlake's home state.

It seemed like the "Total Recall" actress can go on weeks without seeing her other relatives outside her immediate family but having acquaintances are vital for her, but she "hasn't really made any friends since they arrive," an informant said. However, this little setback won't stop Jessica, who won't give up so quickly.

The insider also shared that "her plan is to just tough it out and hope that it gets better."

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Justin's Dream Come True

The power couple already owned a property in Tennessee and were apparently spending more time there than in Los Angeles.This even contributed to their decision to make selling their California estate easier.

Although they haven't been in the sunny state since August, it was only three weeks when their LA home was listed for sale in the market, making their decision to stay in the countryside more evident.

An insider from Us Weekly reported that both the actress and "Can't Stop the Feeling" singer had "preferred the country life," and that it was a better environment for their children because "they have so much space and freedom."

Having his little family living back in his home state had always been a dream come true for the singer as a close source revealed "he always said that's where he wanted to settle down and raise kids."

The couple has been married since 2012 and is currently "stepping back from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood" to focus on their family and marital life.

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