Is Tom Cruise still trying to get back together with rumored ex-girlfriend Hayley Atwell? Rumor even has it that he's developed an unhealthy eating habit after their breakup.

Although neither Cruise nor Atwell publicly confirmed their relationship, many entertainment sources speculate that the two were an item for a long time and had just broken up throughout October. Most of these sources also assume that the actor is not taking the split as lightly as Atwell had.

According to the National Enquirer via Suggest, the "Top Gun: Maverick" star can't get over being dumped by his former "Mission Impossible" co-star and is now reportedly "licking his wounds."


Tom Cruise Gets Dumped

The article stated that the Brit had attempted to "let Tom down slowly" when discussing their relationship and making things official. It seems like the actress reasoned out she was not ready to commit to Cruise or for "anything serious," really, but the latter had gotten offended by this and wasn't taking no for an answer.

An inside source close to both parties revealed that Cruise promised "all kinds of changes" would happen in their relationship if the actress gave him another chance.

However, the promises weren't enough for Atwell as she noticed too many differences between her and the 59-year old. Some of these reasons were the blatant 20-year age gap, Cruise's commitment to Scientology, and his "ultra-paranoid lifestyle," which made the younger feel like "they didn't have enough in common," the informant said dished out.

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Did Tom Let Himself Go?

Based on a report from Star, via the same source mentioned above, things started turning sour on the "Mission: Impossible 7" set as the two leads had allegedly let the break up affect their profession.

According to the source, the director would make the two reshoot some of their scenes together, getting pretty awkward. "It's clear by the expression on Tom's face whenever he's in the same vicinity as Hayley that he's pretty crushed that she ended things," an insider said.

Cruise's alleged toxic eating habits were then out into the spotlight weeks after the first report of his split with the "Agent Carter" star was released. Apparently, the action star tried to "smooth his bruised ego" by binge eating "three times as much" as his regular diet.

As he strived to finish filming the movie with Atwell, the overeating led to "significant weight gain" as some reports revealed that Tom was 20 pounds heavier than before their breakup.

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