who will pete davidson date next
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Twitter's level of surprise with Pete Davidson's pull in the dating game is getting a little intense.

Like, okay, yes - when he started dating Ariana Grande, even he acknowledged that it was a surprising match - but after Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, and Phoebe Dynevor, you'd figure people would realize there's more to him than meets the public eye.

Admittedly, him dating Kim Kardashian would have been a shocker no matter what, and there's something inherently gossip-worthy in him taking her out to a fancy Italian dinner on Staten Island - but the tone of shock surrounding his general dating game is beginning to get a little mean.

Also, as someone who is definitely attracted to Pete Davidson, I'm not sure what's not to get: He's a nice guy, he's ridiculously funny, he's laid back, and he's kinda the prototype for the new "bad boy:" The 50s had greasers, the Y2k era had emo dudes in bands, and we've got whatever Pete's got going on.

Plus, he looks a lot like a young Andy Samberg, and have you SEEN that glo up?

Pete Davidson compared to young and current Andy Samberg
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That said, when people on Twitter started wildly guessing who Petey was gonna date next after Kim Kardashian, the results had me laughing for a while. Here's some of the best ones: