Travis Scott is being canceled left and right by Redditors, and he's even claimed to be the "Keith Urban of rap music."

Despite delivering two statements expressing heartbreak and devastation in the aftermath of the Astroworld Music Festival disaster, some people on Reddit and other social media sites are skeptical of his apology.

"Every excellent rapper started before Travis Scott, and every rapper who started after him is pure trash," writes Reddit user @DropTrow84. "He is the Keith Urban of rap music, and if you're trying to be an apologist for that piece of shit, f-- you too."

Why The Reference To Keith Urban?

"I grew up in the 90's listening to the final generation of good country music: Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kansas, Dwight Yoakam, ext..." commented OP DropTrow84.

"Then there's Keith Urban, with his puka shell necklace and cutoff button-up wrangler shirts, still believing he's a badass from the south, which is at the very least irritating to anyone who enjoys good country music and, at the very worst, threatens to start another civil war. "

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Travis Scott: Officially Canceled?

"You can tell in his "apology" video that he plainly didn't give a flying FUCK about the situation, sounded like he was reciting an SCRIPT," wrote @Definetl3yN0tKB on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest.

"He had to put on the filter to make it extra sad too," StrawhatDLuffy wrote, referring to Travis Scott's video, which had that vibe to it, making fans more regretful towards him.

Meanwhile, the rapper "seemed high as a kite to me," according to liesers.

Another Redditor claimed to have been to a Travis Scott performance a few years ago and said that he had already incited mob behavior. "I was at lollapalooza in Chicago and people almost died there when he yelled "f@#k the cops, storm the stage." He's a fool, and there's a trend here," chinook48 commented.

Others hope Kylie Jenner's boyfriend is "charged" with the deaths of eight people. "I honestly hope he gets prosecuted in some form for the deaths of those 8 people," written by No-Expression-5040, "because this isn't the first time something like this has happened at one of his shows."

"I bet he'll get a lot of mental distress claims," BnanaChip said, "Seeing people lying on the floor, panicked, and the camera pans over to him singing in horrible robotic autotune is strange and extremely screwed up."

One person, though, doubts how Travis Scott is to blame.

"I'm not doubting that he is," HighOnBonerPills said, "I just haven't been keeping up with this, so I'm trying to figure out what he did exactly. It must be some kind of negligence, but how? What could he have done to prevent it?" "Please don't downvote; I'm genuinely just trying to learn," he said.

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