Following the horrifying tragedy that resulted in multiple deaths and injuries, attendees at the controversial Astroworld Festival said Kendall and Kylie Jenner "walked by bodies."

The KKW Beauty mogul was there with her sister and Stormi, her daughter.

The two renowned sisters simply "walked by the bodies as they were hauled out of the event," according to a source who spoke to The Sun.

They went on to say that the reality stars were accompanied by "six big bodyguards."

"Kendall and Kylie were led out after everything went down and walked by bodies and people receiving CPR."

Kendall and Kylie Jenner hid their faces with their heads bowed, as if they didn't want anyone to observe them and their reactions.

The source went on to describe how the area they travelled through was confined.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner claimed they had no idea individuals had died until they saw it on the news.

Their sadness was reflected in a statement penned by the self-made billionaire, who said their thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the tragedy.

"I want to be clear that we were not aware of any fatalities until after the concert, and in no way would we have kept recording or performing if we had known."

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Fans Defend Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Meanwhile, supporters praised the Jenner sisters after some individuals chastised them for attending the event. Some people suggested Kendall and Kylie should be held accountable, but no one could give a good explanation why.

Some people wonder "what could they have done" if they were in the same danger as the others.

According to @M1ssmagdalene, "kylie and kendall were just as much in danger and couldn't have done anything especially when she had a child. and travis is partly at fault but can you imagine, if he told 50,000 people there were dead bodies and trampling. mass. panic."

@AliceTweets92 explained, "I'm not a fan and have purposefully not clicked on the article. But she was there with their daughter. The whole narrative is making out that Travis & co were responsible for these lives when it wasn't their job at alllll."

@milanomosh25 tweeted, "What should they have done? Stand in the way of the medics who were working on their patients and let her child witness it? She did exactly what she should have which was to get her child to safety..."

@jenwhinnery added, "[Kylie] is pregnant. She needed to get TF out of there."

@mule012 said, "What were they supposed to do? They're public figures & aren't medical staff e.g. nurses, doctors, paramedics, etc. You've also mentioned that Stormie, a 3 year old daughter to Kylie was with them, did you expect them to expose Stormie to people the injured?"

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