Speculations rise saying Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are not doing well amid quarantine, questioning whether they have gone through a break-up.

Another report from OK! Magazine via Suggest stated that the singer is an "insufferable person" who only pestered Fisher for the rest of their time together at home. A close friend told the source and said, "She wants him to clean and pick up after himself because she hates seeing things untidy."

'Fed Up' Husband?

The article even described Underwood as someone who constantly "nitpicks about everything." And this resulted in Fisher getting "fed up" about their situation. In their close friend's response, Underwood has to "chill out."

After Suggest investigated the article, the issue they have tackled seemed to be "blatantly sexist," making Underwood a "nagging wife archetype" in their marriage. By looking at their Instagram accounts, Underwood and Fisher are still together through the pandemic, and it is evident that the two are doing well in their household.

In fact, recently, the "My Savior" singer and her ice hockey player husband celebrated their 11th anniversary. Her post was captioned with, "Here's to many more." Other than that, she was also open about their relationship on TikTok.

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Yes, They're Still Together

Far from tearing them apart, the quarantine actually strengthened the marriage. Underwood made a conversation with Yahoo! Entertainment that because of the quarantine becoming extremely stressful, their bond became more "solid" together.

"He kind of summed it up one night," she said regarding her husband. "We were a couple months in and had been very much in quarantine just with each other for a while."

Later on, Underwood revealed a detailed conversation with Fisher about "an emotional confession." "He said, 'You know what? I like you.' I was like: 'What does that mean? You like me?'" she explained.

"He was like: 'I know I love you - we've been married 10 years this year and have two kids together, but this experience has shown me I like you, too.'" These were from an interview in 2020, and according to the source, there has been no sign of weakness in their marriage since then.

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