The fondly remembered Robin Williams is currently trending on Reddit for a reason as incredible as impactful as he was. Yesterday Tandyman234 posted to Reddit a photo of Williams with a caption stating, "Robin Williams - In every movie he filmed he asked the production company to hire at least 10 homeless people.

Robin Williams CIRCA 1999: Actor and comedian Robin Williams poses for a portrait circa 1999 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo : (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images))

During his entire career, he helped approximately 1520 homeless." When Robin Williams was alive, his ceaseless quest to make the world a better place expanded into every facet of his life and work. It is so nice to see a celebrity being remembered for being a truly fantastic person. He also so seamlessly proves that everyone has a way they can help.

While sources such as Snopes say that William's fight to guarantee  at least ten homeless people were hired in his films is unproven, the actors drive to help is incotrovertible. The star participated in Comic Relief, "a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty." He also testified in the Senate in the 1990s about the homelessness crisis. He powerfully stated, "You can't keep picking people up. You have to stop them from falling." His beautiful words still ring true today.

We can all take inspiration from the the kindness, generosity, and action of Robin Williams. Wherever in the world we are, whatever our situation may be, there is a way that we can inact positive change in the lives of others. We just have to look for it. Thank you, Robin Williams.