Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez stunned everyone when they were photographed in public after calling off their engagement almost two decades ago.

Lopez had just broken off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez at the time.

Affleck and Lopez were caught canoodling a few days later, and it didn't take long for tabloids to establish what their exact score was.

After dissolving their romance in 2004, many fans and even the media are hoping for them to reunite.

However, only months after confirming their restored romance, a fresh story claims that they are splitting up.

Bennifer Break Up 2.0?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's situation might not be resolved soon, according to Life & Style'snext issue.

They apparently have to deal with the reality that they have so many other things to focus on after spending so much time with one other in recent weeks.

Both A-listers are working on various projects, making it tough for them to devote quality time to one other.

A source told the publication, "The two of them were flying all over the world to be together - from Italy to Miami, Los Angeles to New York - because they couldn't bear to be without one another."

But now it seems like reality has set in. Ben has a lot of obligations that have made him put his relationship with JLo on the back burner, and it's made for some trouble in paradise."

Did Ben Affleck Do Something Wrong?

After he stayed with his kids in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez is said to have separated herself from the "Batman v. Superman" star.

According to reports, the "Jenny From the Block" singer was obliged to see Affleck at his house since it was the only way they could see one other.

Lopez, on the other hand, is said to have liked the setting since she is used to Affleck putting so much effort into their relationship.

According to the insider, "JLo is used to Ben catering to her and doing whatever she asks of him, so this is kind of a first. She had to fly in on weekends and work around his schedule."

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The Truth About Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Split

However, the story from Life & Style should be taken with a grain of salt. Because all they do is go out and get photographed, no one knows what will happen next in their relationship.

Only the two of them and others close to them are aware of what is going on in their relationship.

But if fans and the media will base on the pictures of the couple, Affleck and Lopez seem very happy and contented with what they have.

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