Paramount is pushing back two tent pole money makers in their upcoming release schedule. The next installments in the Star Trek franchise and Transformers: Rise Of the Beasts have been moved since the changing of the guard over at Paramount with their the new CEO Brian Robbins taking charge of the studio's daily goings on. 

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts was pushed back an entire year, leaving the release date to be June 9, 2023. The film, directed by Steven Capel Jr. of Creed II fame, was to be the next of the non-Michael Bay directed installments of the franchise which began with the ultimately excellent Bumblebee spin-off from 2018. The story will revolve around the Transformers taking on the personas of prehistoric animals and is based on the CGI series Transformers: Beast Wars

Another step back is the shuffling around of the next Star Trek film, which has yet to confirm the cast, namely Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk and the rest of his intrepid crew. The new release is June 9th along with Transformers.The films, which have been a big hit for the studio, will be helmed this time around by Matt Shakman of the wildly popular Marvel's WandaVision over on Disney+. Shakman laid out the dilemma to The Hollywood Reporter with this statement about the in limbo project,

Where we go with the franchise next theatrically is crucial to the health of the overall franchise. There's no doubt that big theatrical movies are the beacon that ignite franchises. We're in it and I don't really have anything to say because I'm waiting for the development to be delivered. I can't wait to get going on it; we're not there yet, but we need to get there soon.

Thankfully, the streaming end of the franchise is alive and well to keep the ship afloat with Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Prodigy getting a second season, and Picard coming back for another trip through the final frontier.