The anticipated release of Taylor Swift's remade version of one of her most sensational albums ever, Red, is driving literally everybody into a tizzy, from her fans on Twitter to the comedians at SNL to....the literal Empire State Building.

Red (Taylor's Version) lands on streaming platforms at Midnight on November 12. Red was a bit of a departure from Swift's younger albums, and was definitely the work of a woman coming into her own. Instead of sweet fairy-tale ballads about young love and tributes to her childhood, Red dealt with themes of heartbreak and coming of age.

The album contained some of Swift's biggest hits, from the titular "Red" to the party anthem "22" to the pining ballad "Treacherous," and everybody is excited to hear what she'll do with them now that she has complete creative freedom. Apparently, one of those things is just "make a movie," because that's what's happening.

If you're not caught up: Last week, Taylor released a teaser of some clips from the upcoming film, hinting at something big happening in relation to the song "All Too Well." The big thing, as it turns out, is a 10-minute version of the ballad set to a short film. She tweeted this today:

It's unclear if the extended version of "All Too Well" will be an extended ballad set to music, or if there will be dialogue to the short film, but fans are excited to find out. (Also, apparently, Po from the Teletubbies is a big fan. Not surprising, really.)

  One fan even asked Taylor which they should do first: Watch the film or listen to the album. Swift responded:

So if Swifties want to watch the film when it comes out, they'll have to stream the album very soon after it releases at midnight...not that that should be a problem for any of them.

Red (Taylor's Version) drops at midnight on all streaming platforms. The "All Too Well" Short Film drops at 7pm tomorrow, and you can catch Taylor on SNL this Saturday night.

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