Two of the biggest names, and possibly two of the biggest human beings, in Hollywood, are teaming up for a buddy cop action comedy. Dune stars Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista have been teasing the idea of co-starring in the untitled project for some time now and the bidding war has begun.

In the film, Momoa and Bautista would play brothers living in Hawaii who have to work together in a sort of Lethal Weapon type style comedy. Writing the film would be Johnathan Tropper, who has worked with them before as scribe and producer on the Apple TV+ series See.

According to Deadline, the stars have been busy pitching the project all over town and have announced that MGM is the front-runner, beating out three other studios for the rights to the film. The finalized deal is expected to be ironed out possibly by today.

What got the ball rolling and studios hyped to bid was a pitch sent out by Dave Bautista on Twitter back in August:

Gotta love the internet. That's how business gets done these days. 

Excited about the possibility of this movie coming to fruition, Jason Momoa even joked with The Late Late Show host James Corden about shooting in Hawaii, seeing himself in board shorts and Bautista in a Speedo.

Sounds like a solid pitch right there.

The film will likely begin shooting in 2023, though speculation is still in full effect. There is still the issue of who might be in the director's chair, which should be an easy seat to fill given the concept and star power involved. Either way, this movie is should prove to be as big as the stars who are in it.